Beach Promo

Summer means loads of fun Beach Promos & Marketing Campaigns!  At this period of time, sales for personal care products soar sky high – especially sun cream products & after sun lotions.  There is a very wide range and it is big business.

Competition between brands is intense as each brand aims to increase market share.  Offering gift with purchase promotional products, suitable for outdoor activities, can make all the difference.

What to Offer for Beach Promo?

There are a wide range of variety of beach promo marketing gifts to choose from. When brainstorming for beach promos keep in mind the target market – then find a way to make the budget work.

Don’t spend money for the sake of not being the only brand without promotion. Be different and make your brand stand out! Offer high perceived value products. Make sure that others see your brand and visibility is maximised.  Check out some examples here!

Beach Promo - Sun Shades

Beach Promo – Sun Shades

Shades is a unisex product. This is great if your target is not gender-specific. Choose a stylish design to entice your customer.Another universal summer promo product you can offer is beach towel.

Beach Promo - Beach Towel by ULTA

Beach Promo – Beach Towel by ULTA

Beach towel is very practical for everyone, despite their genders or age group. To make your beach towel attractive, print it in full colour. This will draw much attention it, especially on a crowded beach.

Another option is to offer something practical. Check out this beach bag Marketing Gift by Vertbaudet.

Beach Promo - Beach Bag by Verbaudet

Beach Promo – Beach Bag by Verbaudet

This bag enable users to carry a lot of things inside including clothes, towel, food or beach game equipment. This is not the only

Talking about beach game, what about offering those equipments? Make your customer’s vacation fun and memorable! Check out the Nivea Promotion in Russia.

Beach Promo - Fun Kit by Nivea

Beach Promo – Fun Kit by Nivea

The promo set includes  frisbees, summer hats, beach towel, beach ball, flip-flops or a ping pong set. To get this beach promo products, customers needed to purchase any 2 from Nivea Sun product line.

Nivea branded every single beach promo product with its logo. This is a great way to enforce brand recall. Nivea could be part of the fun vacation their customers have by offering this promotional product.

Or you can offer them this matching tent and flip-flops Marketing Banana Boat!

Beach Promo - Tent and Flip-Flops by Banana Boat

Beach Promo – Tent and Flip-Flops by Banana Boat

If you are looking into flip-flops, don’t just brand the flip-flops… Brand the beach as well! Want to know how? Use this sand stamping flip-flops to increase brand awareness!

Beach Promo - Beach Stamping Flip Flops

Beach Promo – Beach Stamping Flip Flops

For on pack promotion, you can offer this keys dry case. A lanyard is attached on top, making it convenient for customers to pack light!

Beach Promo - Keys Dry Case

Beach Promo – Keys Dry Case

Customers can put their hotel access cards, some cash and keys inside this case and head out in beachwear. Customers will love this fantastic idea! Or if your marketing budget is more flexible, this double lounge inflatables would be a great promotional gift.

Beach Promo - Double Lounge Float

Beach Promo – Double Lounge Float

These are not the only products you can offer. Spend some time to brainstorm for a suitable product for your target market. If you need more ideas, you know where to go.