Beach Hut is currently offering a beach ball giveaway as part of its summer marketing in the Philippines!

Simply purchase a Beach Hut Max SPF 75 Clear Spray sunblock and get a beach ball for free. The beach ball is light and inflatable. It is very popular for beach and water games.

Read more to find out how this beach ball can be used effectively as part of Beach Hut’s summer marketing…

Beach Hut Summer Marketing - Beach Ball

Beach Hut Summer Marketing – Beach Ball

Beach Hut is a company based in the Philippines which sells a line of sun protection products. They range from clear spray sunblocks to the highest SPF lotion sunblocks to tanning oils.

Why Use Beach Ball for Summer Marketing?

Beach ball is an enticing giveaway for Beach Hut‘s summer marketing. It can be inflated by blowing or pumping to form the shape of a ball.

It can also be compressed and easily stored in bags which makes it convenient to carry around to the beach anytime.

The beach ball is great for using to play beach and water games. It is a great complementary product to the sun block. It effectively targets people who are going outdoor.

Furthermore, beach balls have large advertising and branding surface. Beach Hut has branded the beach ball according to their theme colours – orange and green. We can find its logo on it too.

This will increase brand awareness every time the beach ball is being played with. When the user plays it and tosses it into the air, the logo on the beach ball is being advertised to people who catch sight of it.

This will attract new potential customers to find out more about Beach Hut. Possibly this will make them more inclined to buy Beach Hut’s products. This will increase sales for Beach Hut.

With such an attractive promotional gift will entice potential customers. They will be attracted to buy the Beach Hut Max SPF 75 Clear Spray sunblock too!

This will also contribute to increasing sales for Beach Hut. What do you think of Beach Hut’s summer marketing? Check out more beach promos for sun cream products!