As mentioned previously, the Los Angeles Dodgers is a team of professional baseball team based in the US. This famous baseball team has won 6 World Series titles and 21 National League Pennants. For every baseball games, free giveaways would be given away to the first 50,000 fans unless otherwise noted. In our last blog post, Dodgers was giving away kids’ compression sleeves. This time round, they will be offering a beach chair as one of their games giveaway. This attractive marketing product is presented by Farmer John, a food company that is based in South California. The relationship between the Dodgers and Farmer John goes as far back as 1966 where the world famous Dodger Dogs hotdogs were introduced by Farmer John. Since then Farmer John has been serving sport fans in just about every Southern California stadium.

Dodgers’ Summer Marketing Product - Beach Chair

Dodgers’ Summer Marketing Product – Beach Chair

Why should companies utilize this marketing product?

This beach chair has a high utility value. It is great for summer where people usually head out to the beach. It is definitely convenient to be used at the beach as it can be easily carried around. By offering a giveaway like this, customers will use it on a regular basis and this in turns improve brand recall. It is a giveaway with a high perceived value; customers will feel valued and appreciated if they receive a gift like this.

Besides that, this beach chair has a large branding area for logos and brand name, For instance, Dodges’ has utilized a very obvious branding on their beach chairs. The logo is so massive that it would be hard to be overlooked. However, Farmer John could have also branded their logo onto this beach chair. As a result, it will definitely benefit both parties. As such, whenever this beach chair is being used the user will be reminded of Dodgers as well as Farmer John. It is a powerful marketing product that improves brand recall and brand recognition. Imprinted with logos and brand name, this beach chair will also acts as an advertising agent that advertises the brands.

This beach chair is a great summer promotion. If your company is looking for more promotions, do check out the following ideas :