With summer coming around the corner, Pure Tan is offering a summer tote bag as a marketing product. Simply head down to any Priceline store and purchase any 2 Pure Tan products to receive this tote bag!

Marketing Product by Pure Tan-Summer Tote Bag

Marketing Product by Pure Tan-Summer Tote Bag

Pure Tan is a self-tanning brand from Australia. In Australia, the sun rays are so harmful that many people fake their tans. PureTan professional-finish, instant tanning products activate so fast that you can shower within an hour of applying. They have honed the formula so well that it doesn’t smell of DHA, it actually smells lovely!

Why did Pure Tan make use of this tote bag as a marketing product?

This tote bag is a great staple for summer. You can bring it anywhere with you, be it the beach, to the mall or even to your friend’s house! It is simple and versatile, making it a great product as a whole.

This tote bag is in a bright blue shade with metallic straps which suits the summer theme down to a tee. Want to spend your summer overseas? No problem! You can easily fold this bag and keep it in your luggage or bag and take it out whenever you need extra storage or use it on a daily basis.

Other brands like California Tan can also make use of this tote bag as a marketing product to help attract and retain more customers.

How can this summer tote bag help to increase sales for Pure Tan?

This tote bag is the perfect marketing product for the summer. Pure Tan has branded its name on the bag which would help to increase brand recognition. When consumers carry this bag around, it would catch the attention of other potential customers as the colours of this bag are vibrant and eye catching. As more consumers are attracted to this marketing product, they will start to show interest in the brand name. This would encourage them to purchase products from Pure Tan which would in turn help to increase sales for the company.