Asahi is offering a PWP tote bag with a logo worth $10 with the purchase of 4 500mL of Asahi Beer. This beer purchase with purchase promotion was spotted at a 7-11 in Hong Kong. We found this being advertised on the fridge door. Certainly, a smart move because this creates an immediate call to action.

Tote Bag with Logo

Tote Bag with Logo

Asahi Premium Dry is a Japanese brand of beer characterized by its dry and crisp texture. The beer marketing gift is branded with Asahi. Not only is the bag reusable and eco-friendly, but it is also stylish and practical.


Why Asahi’s Tote Bag with Logo is a Smart Strategy?

Simple Yet Functional Design

Once they buy the beer, they can use this bag on the spot to carry the drinks. Furthermore, they can be used for hauling groceries.

Tote Bag with Logo

Tote Bag with Logo


Since there is a huge demand for eco-friendly goods in the retail industry, brands have to rethink the way they promote their company. People nowadays are looking for products that have a positive social and environmental impact. The bag is reusable and is a high-utility product, which makes it a great way to gain positive feedback from consumers.


We love the simple black design because it goes with a casual outfit and is perfect for grocery shopping. It is simple, yet very impactful. Anyone who sees the bag will surely be able to see that it was exclusively designed for Asahi Beer.

Tote Bag with Logo

Tote Bag with Logo



Why Should You Offer A Tote Bag to Promote Beer?

Brand Awareness: Bags offer great branding opportunities on top of being inexpensive. Using it every day helps in raising brand awareness beyond shop floors.

Event Marketing: Music fests are a great venue to promote beer and other alcoholic drinks. Some of the most common promotional items during this event are wrist bands, promotional t-shirts, branded caps, and even light sticks. Using a tote bag as a promotional event giveaway is a fantastic way to stand out during events.

Make Long-Lasting Impact: People tend to keep useful promotional items such as promotional pens and custom printed bags. Everyday items will surely be used by customers thereby gaining your brand daily exposure.

Perfect for Seasonal Promotions: Take advantage of special events and holidays to increase sales. For instance, there is a massive sales surge during Christmas so many brands are offering discounts and free gift offers. Bags as a purchase with purchase offer or Seasonal gift with purchase with beer products is certainly an inexpensive way to celebrate the event with a bang! This is because beer and other alcoholic drinks are a staple during these events. For instance, offering tote bags with LED lights for Christmas and New Year, or funny shape tote bags for Halloween promotions.


Our Key Takeaways

Tote bags are easily one of the best promotional products there is. For one, the materials are abundant, and customization is fairly easy. Secondly, the bag is designed with convenience in mind. Thirdly, a tote bag is very practical and functional. Lastly, it serves as a moving billboard for their company, thereby offeringAsahi immense exposure.


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