Glass PWP is a nice promo gift from alcohol brands in Asia. It’s not questionable whether Asians love their alcoholic drinks or not. They do – it’s a part of their culture. Wines may interest them, but nothing will perhaps beat beer. Now, drinkers can sip their ice-cold beer from this branded glass.

Glass PWP from Asahi

Asahi, Japan’s no. 1 beer, has a new purchase with purchase campaign in Hong Kong. Buying two 500-mL Asahi cans will allow consumers to add HK$5. What is the additional amount for? Well, it’s for your new mini beer glass! Complete with high-end packaging, this is how this glass PWP works.

This cool glass PWP is designed to push its can sales into the face of heated competition from other brands. They must have found that custom glass beer promos are always winning marketing gifts.

Asahi Beer Glass PWP

Asahi Beer Glass PWP

This promotion is a job well done because of the following:

  • Ease of redemption. Consumers don’t have to go elsewhere to redeem the promotional glass. It can be received in the same store. This lets the brand to reach out to their target market more easily.
  • Limited stock. ‘Limited’ means the brand only manufactured a certain number of promo glasses. This also means not everyone can buy it. It creates exclusivity and a call to act fast.
  • Signature branding on glass. The brand didn’t go cheap with their branding. They used the same font color, thickness and style that consumers know them for.
  • Culture-oriented. The size of glass reflects sake tradition and culture in Japan. The drinkers can almost pretend they went back in time with this.

Asahi isn’t the lone brand that conducts glass PWP. Feel free to contact us for more information and let us assist with helping you to design some creative and cool promotional products.

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