Leading Japanese brewery and soft drinks company Asahi Breweries, Ltd. is currently offering a nice on-pack promotion with their famous “dry” beer.

On Pack Promotion Glasses Free with Asahi Beer

On Pack Promotion Glasses Free with Asahi Beer

This gift set promotion by Asahi offers one of the most useful promotional products for drinking- branded beer glasses, which with the purchase of this package of Asahi beer could be yours.

Why do we advise to use this kind of on-pack promotion for drinks marketing?

  • Practicality. This Asahi on-pack promotion suggests a product that will be immediately used and will continue to be used for a very long time. The great thing about branded glasses is that they will always be used, facilitating in longer brand exposure.
  • Increased profit. Offering promotional glasses allows for an extra incentive for customers wishing to purchase this brand. The long term benefits of this increased sales will cover the short term costs of offering free on pack promotions.
  • Brand awareness. Even when a promo campaign will be finished customers will continue to use these promotional glasses. In the case of advertising, having customers continuing to use your on pack promotion long after the campaign has concluded will allow for an increase in brand awareness and recognition.
  • Brand value. Custom made beer glasses not only capture the essence of your beer, but they also showcase your brand’s depth and specialization in this field. When offering these customized stylish glasses made from good quality glass, you’ll be sure to show the same quality your brand wishes to identify with.


How can ODM help you?

Keen on creating your very own custom promotional item? Our product designers will be able to provide you with multiple unique ideas to wow your audience. Here at ODM, we will be glad to offer different ways for your brands promotion campaign. Feel free to contact us today and to know something new about marketing ideas for business.


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