Cointreau had this promotional GWP at Target department stores in Las Vegas. Every bottle of Cointreau comes with a cocktail glass as an on-pack gift with purchase promotion, making this promotion one you cannot resist to sit back and drink.

Promotions GWP - Cointreau Glasses Cocktail Glass

Promotions GWP – Cointreau Glasses Cocktail Glass

Why is this promotions GWP set great for increasing sales?

This promotion is both stylish and pinpoints the essence of what Cointreau stands as a brand. Also because the cocktail glass can be used for many occasions, it makes this gift very practical for using at home, at events or for a sneeky tipple somewhere.  Because of its stylish design, customers will want to buy this product as it makes a great incentive to buy because the gift is more valuable.

Furthermore this branded glass and on-pack packaging can be personalised. The brand or logo can be engraved, laser embossed or printed on such glasses. This can help to provide high visibility for brand. Also, users can promote the brand even when they are not drinking Cointreau for use with other drinks.

Having glasses as promotions GWP advertisements is a very popular marketing strategy in the alcoholic beverage industry. Shot glasses are most commonly given away during gift promotions. And do are other glassware varieties including champagne glasses, stein glasses, martini glasses, pint glasses, etc.

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