Strengthen your brand by offering GWP promotional beer glasses. Brewdog, a Scottish beer company have used beer glasses to promote their brand. First of all they both tempt customer’s to purchase and provide brand promotion. Promotional beer glasses can be used often.  Additionally, beer glasses may be used in many situations. Not just for beer but any drink. This provides consistent brand promotion.

GWP idea from UK - Promotional Beer Glasses for Brewdog

GWP idea from UK – Promotional Beer Glasses for Brewdog

The promotional beer glasses are unique and eye-catching. Due to their quality they will tempt customers to buy your product. They also provide  your brand with a quality product to attach its reputation. This creates a relationship between your brand and a high quality product. As a result, increasing your brands reputation even more.

From the image you can see the Brewdog brand printed large and clearly on the glasses. This attachment of the brand to the high quality glasses creates a link between a quality product and your brand. The packaging boxes come in three different colors. This creates a collectible element, potentially further increasing sales.

Why use promotional beer glasses for your brand?

  • Brand exposure :  Your company will benefit from brand exposure as the logo is well placed on the glasses. Hence, this product will enhance your brand visibility when your customers use it, as the brand logo will catch people’s attention.
  • High-quality: The well made, unique glasses  will impress your customers as they are premium quality marketing gifts.
  • Practicality: Customers will find them very useful accessories in their kitchen. In conclusion, their eye-catching and unique design makes them highly desirable. They make a strong promotional product.


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