Now is the time to start preparing the perfect Christmas promotional product – We love these custom LED bottles for just that. They are versatile to suit whatever company and they are unique – sure to stand out among all the other Christmas promotions out there this winter.

Custom LED Bottles to Light Up Your Christmas Promotion

Custom LED Bottles to Light Up Your Christmas Promotion

This product has a great chance of standing out because Christmas is a time for celebration; For many of us, if there’s something to celebrate, wine and other alcoholic drinks cannot be far. The brands that make these beverages, therefore, can use their spare bottles for a festive GWP like this.

Despite that, wine merchants are not the only ones to benefit from it. This marketing gift, in fact, will make a lovely table decoration. Instead of putting plastic flowers that get dusty or candles that need regular replacement, you may utilize these bottles. What kinds of entrepreneurs can take advantage of such a promotional product? Caterers, bar and restaurant owners, wedding planners, and any person who wants to liven up their business, of course!

Custom LED Bottles to Light Up Your Christmas Promotion

Custom LED Bottles to Light Up Your Christmas Promotion

Whether you place one or a dozen customized bottles on a platform, consumers will swarm the area. It’s already enticing enough for them to look at the jewel- or fairy-like lights within the vessel. But you don’t have to stop the fun there when you’re allowed to detailed design on each one, right?

You can also add your own Christmas designs to the outside (though of course it isn’t limited to festive design). The idea works well for the season that the manufacturer intends to release it for – but it will also work all year round.  You may apply various fonts and colors too so that it matches your brand’s flair.

Custom LED Bottles to Light Up Your Christmas Promotion

Custom LED Bottles to Light Up Your Christmas Promotion

Now, this string of lights goes into the vessel. If you are curious like us regarding how the advertising merchandise gets illuminated, the answer’s quite simple. The micro LEDs inside are connected by ultra-thin wires to a battery pack. They definitely resemble the regular Christmas lights, yet the type attached to the products are portable and several sizes smaller.

The batteries for the bottles in the first two images stay underneath the base, well hidden from clients. You can then vary the amount of light you want to illuminate each bottle by how much of the lighting you place inside.

Custom LED Bottles to Light Up Your Christmas Promotion

Custom LED Bottles to Light Up Your Christmas Promotion

Improvements from Custom LED Bottles

  • Brand Activation. A consumer of any gender cannot easily turn his or her back on this Christmas promotion. Therefore it is the perfect place to present your brand logo to consumers in an eye-catching way.
  • Unique Display. Bright lights attract people’s attention which is why they are used so regularly in advertising. This promotion is sure to get attention with its unique design.
  • Seamless Design. You understand the technical side of the product after reading this blog. The customers, however, may or may not be conscious of it at first, thanks to the seamless manufacturing. This can make them want to return to the campaign location until they figure out how it works.
  • Fantastic Sales. Lighted objects always bring smiles to consumers. You will have the same experience once it begins to rake in profits.


How can ODM help you?

The custom LED bottles appeal to the festive side of many; that’s why it may increase your Christmas sales. As an aside, though, remember that this idea can also do good for Valentine’s, Independence Day, or Halloween. All you have to do is find a good manufacturer to help with the planning and production processes.

We love these light up Christmas bottles that are perfect for any LED promotion. On that note, feel free to get in touch with ODM for additional information regarding this.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How long do LEDs last?

Many LEDs have a rated life of up to 50,000 hours.

Do LED lights burn out?

LEDs do not burn out like fluorescent lamps while other bulbs will. However, they will degrade and dim over time. The diode itself will begin to emit less and less light as the years pass.