Polase Sport is offering attractive foldable bottles with every purchase of a Polase Sport Box. This famous sports has been in the industry for years now and have gathered a huge client base through the years. They are known for alternative medicine supplements and vitamins for people who practise sport. These cool foldable bottles are also offered in a variety of colours, namely blue, yellow and red. Moreover, this is light, unique and convenient which can be easy to lug around.

Convenient, Light & Unique Foldable Bottles!

Convenient, Light & Unique Foldable Bottles!

Boost sales with these foldable bottles.

These promotional foldable bottles can be filled to a relatively sufficient amount making it perfect for sports and outdoor activities. Since they are made out of plastic, it would certainly be easy to carry around as the day goes by. The great thing about this promo gift is that it is very easy to customize, this means that you would be able to cater to your company’s corporate colours or brand image. This innovative marketing gift comes with a carabineer which can be used to attach the bottle to waist, bags or bikes. How awesome is that?

The bottle has a large branding space on both sides. The logo on it can help increase brand awareness and boost brand recall as well. This will encourage customers to spend more in order to receive these foldable bottles for free. These foldable bottles can also be made of recyclable materials making it attractive to organisations that are involved in the green movement.

Few words in italian…

“Polace Sport è un prodotto dietetico per sportivi, indicato per chi fa una attività sportiva. È un preparato istantaneo per bevanda ipotonica al gradevole gusto di arancia. Offre per l’acquisto di un prodotto Polace Sport una borraccia. La morbida borraccia pieghevole è diventato sempre più popolare di recente. Questo è un prodotto innovativo perchè riduce lo spazio di una normale borraccia d’acqua. Quando la bottiglia è vuota, diventa piatta. E ‘anche comodo da trasportare perchè c’è un moschettone collegato che permette di attacare la bottiglia a una bicicletta o una borsa per esempio. Branding bottiglie d’acqua questi faciliteranno pubblicità gratuita. C’è un grande spazio di visibilità per mostrare il marchio.”