Thinking of a promo gift idea for your next marketing campaign? How about a foldable travel bottle? It is foldable and can decrease the amount of space occupied. It is light, portable and convenient which can be carried around easily. This is the perfect gift for people who love to travel. Read more to find out how this promo gift can be used effectively as a marketing tool…

Promo Gift Idea: Foldable Travel Bottle

Promo Gift Idea: Foldable Travel Bottle

Why use this foldable travel bottle as your promo gift?

This promo gift foldable travel bottle can be folded to decrease the amount of space occupied when it is not in use. This makes it easy to carry overseas for use. When the user wants to use it, he or she may fill the bottle with water which will inflate the foldable bottle. The bottle comes with a carabiner which can be used to attach the bottle to bags or bikes.

How can this promo gift affect sales?

The bottle has a huge branding surface on both sides. You may use it to brand your logo on it in order to increase brand awareness. This will let people who see the bottle know about your company and your products. The logo will also boost brand recall for existing customers. They will be reminded of your company brand and will make repeat purchases for your products or services. This will increase sales for your company. You may also give out this foldable bottle as a gift with purchase. This will encourage customers to spend more in order to receive the foldable travel bottle for free. It will also entice them to make impulse purchases and they will ultimately spend more and increase your sales. What do you think of this foldable travel bottle as a promo gift?