Marketing is important to push sales volume. Marketing gift is a very important component of marketing campaign. A successful event may not have a deep impression in your customer’s mind.

Marketing gifts serve as a reminder of your brand or your company values. This mini labyrinth is great to be given away as marketing gift. It is especially so if you are offering products with education values to children. An example of a company that can use this marketing gift is McDonald’s for their Happy Meals.

Marketing Gift Idea - Mini Labyrinth

Marketing Gift Idea – Mini Labyrinth

This is one of a traditional game where you need to find your way out for the metal ball. There are walls and obstacles that you need to avoid. This game is good to train children in balancing.

For you to be able to reach this game, you need to adjust the balance of the toy. By doing this, you will be able to move the ball. Sometimes, it is not as easy as you may imagine. This is when children will learn to be patient.

How Marketing Gifts Affect Sales

Marketing gifts increase the perceived value of your product. Offering marketing gifts make you stand out from your competitors. This is especially so when you offer innovative products.

Having higher perceived value, customers would rather buy your product than those of your competitors. With the same amount to spend, your customers gain extra benefit. This also shows your customers your generosity.

Marketing Gifts and Branding

Besides boosting sales volume, marketing gifts can be a tool to give you a better brand image. Brand these marketing gifts that you are giving away. A useful marketing gift will be kept for a long term. Every time your customers use this product, they will remember your brand. This will help your brand recall.

In regards to the mini labyrinth, this product can increase brand awareness as well. Kids normally bring their toys with them. When kids play with their friends, they may exchange toys. A fun and attractive toys will create a desire for the kids to have it. Eventually, they may find out where to get it. This may convince them to buy your product in order to get the gift.