Bike Hub is giving away marketing products which includes a tote bag, water bottle, cap, pen and key ring for any purchase. Items like the tote bag can be used to carry items around conveniently while the water bottle can be used to store water as bikers ride on their trails. Read more to find out how the promo gifts are used effectively…

Marketing Products by Bike Hub

Marketing Products by Bike Hub

Bike Hub is a bicycle and accessories store chain based in Australia. It has outlets over all territories, including Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland. It sells mostly to bike enthusiasts.

Why did they use the marketing products as a promo gift?

The marketing products are functional and handy to their target customers. For example, the tote bag allows the user to bring a large amount of items around. The cap blocks off the glaring sunlight when bikers are riding their bikes on the road. Moreover, the water bottle is useful to store and carry water around as they cycle outdoors. The pens can be used for writing while the key rings can be used to organise the user’s keys.

How may the marketing products affect sales?

The marketing products are branded with Bike Hub’s logo. This will increase brand awareness for Bike Hub and enables more people to know about their bicycle business in Australia. This will also boost brand recall for existing customers. They will be reminded of Bike Hub and will be encouraged to make repeat purchases from the same bike store. This will enforce brand loyalty and increase sales for Bike Hub. By giving away the marketing products for any purchase at the bike store, it entices new and existing customers to make purchases in order to get the promo gift for free. What do you think of these marketing products?