Achieve Your Marketing Goals With A Promotional Bike

Check out this new promotional bike and see how you can utilize this product for your marketing and advertising goals.  They say Cycling is the new Golf and commuting to work/school on a bike is such a healthy choice.  Bikes are efficient and environment-friendly mode of transport.  Folding bikes give you the ability to commute and use public transport when in a rush or when weather is not great.

Moreover, if you are a brand marketer they can be customized to suit your business needs. It can be transformed into a POS stand or a food cart to stimulate sales.  Use them as competition prizes and gift redemption items.

promotional bike

promotional bike

Here is an example of a well-designed promotional bike:

Custom Cargo Bike Manufacture- Street Advertising

This beautiful custom cargo bike is unique and attracts more customers to their shop. The design adds a distinct appeal that people will love.

If you’re tired of the usual marketing products, then this promotional bike might be what you need.

Features & Benefits of a Promotional Bike:

  • Multifunctional: Bikes are great for carrying heavy luggage and equipment. You can also use it to navigate through busy streets- ideal for workers and students.
  • Efficient: It’s lightweight and small, allowing commuters to squeeze through crowded streets and narrow alleys. High-speed means customers will be able to go to their destination fast. Its leather saddle is comfortable to sit on, giving customers enhanced riding experience. Moreover, it’s energy-saving and safe!
promotional bike

promotional bike

  • Easy to Use: Easy to pedal and collapsible, this promotional bike is ideal for professional bikers, racers, sports enthusiasts, and amateurs. Users can adjust the seat for a more comfortable ride! Foldable feature is space-saving which is great for small spaces, apartments, condos and dormitories.
  • Promotes Healthy Lifestyle: Cycling allows you to enjoy the great outdoors while keeping your body in shape. This is a wholesome hobby customers can enjoy with friends and family members!

With these features and benefits in mind, a bicycle featuring your brand logo or products will definitely get the attention of your target market. Below, we discuss the benefits of using this product for your promotions.

Reasons to Use a Promotional Bicycle for Your Business

  • Brand Remembrance: How you present your product plays a vital role in improving brand recall. Using bicycles to promote your brand is a unique way to make a strong impression and keep up with your competitors. Because it’s unique, customers will be able to recall your brand every time they see or use this custom bike.
promotional bike

promotional bike

  • Branding: Every part of this foldable bike provides great branding opportunities. You can use promotional stickers or sublimation printing process to achieve clear and crisps designs. The more visible your branding, the greater the impact is.
promotional bike

promotional bike

  • Customizable: Check out this bicycle POS display by L’Occitane. The clever use of bicycle to display their promotional products is attracting a lot of attention. You can add other accessories, such as baskets and carts to add a bit of character to your foldable bike. You may also paint the body to reflect your brand and amplify brand recall.
promotional bike

promotional bike

  • Cost Effective Advertising Medium: A custom bicycle allows business owners to be creative with their marketing strategy. With a promotional bike, it’s like you have a moving advert.

Versatility is the main selling point of promotional bikes. They are great for outdoor marketing and are highly customizable. It allows businesses to be creative and achieve their marketing goals at a more reasonable price.

For businesses using this promotional product, we suggest adding other cool freebies such as tumblers, bike light, or bag for bike  accessories.

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