Offering promotional items are a great way for brands to boosts sales, as well as raise brand awareness. Promotions, more often than not, are successful in enticing first-time purchases, repurchases, and drive impulse purchases. Such promotions include a gift with purchase, purchase with purchase, on-pack promotions, etc. Here is one promotional campaign by the brand Margarita Queen that caught our attention and we are here to explain why we love it.

First of all, mixed drinks are always a great party starter. Not only are they fun, but they are also versatile and colourful. That is why Margarita Queen started this new drinks promotion: Receive a free Promotional Tumbler with every purchase of a bottle of Margarita Queen Tequila.

Drinks Promo - Promotional Tumbler by Margarita Queen

Drinks Promo – Promotional Tumbler by Margarita Queen

This Promotional Tumbler is presented as an On-Pack Promotion with a bottle of Margarita Queen tequila. What entices consumers even more than the promotion itself is the easy usage of the tumbler. It is stated that you only have to ‘just add ice’ and you are done! This allows them to simple and effortlessly create their very own mixed drink. Consumers will be more willing to purchase from you if your promotional item is easy to use. This is because they will use the product more when it is hassle-free, compared to spending extra time and effort. Furthermore, the tumbler has a lid so it is easy to store any leftover drinks.


Why do we like this Promotional Tumbler as a Drinks Promo?

  • Practicality: Customers can immediately start using this Promotional Tumbler at home after purchase. Not only is it much more convenient than carrying around a glass bottle, but it can also hold ice cubes well for a nicely chilled drink. Not to forget, variety is key! The tumbler is not restricted to only mix drinks with the Margarita Queen tequila. It can also be used to mix other kinds of drinks, of course.
  • Raise Brand Recognition: Having a promotional tumbler will definitely allow you to stand out from the crowd and gain a competitive edge against your competitors on the same shelf. This promotion will attract more attention to your brand compared to a brand without a Gift with Purchase. It makes a nice addition to any party.
  • Boosts Sales: Something about free things makes people excited and more willing to make the extra effort to purchase from you. This will then allow you to successfully maximise profits and increase sales. This particular Promotional Tumbler looks nice and is very practical, so customers might feel like they really get value for their money when buying this brand of tequila.


How can ODM help?

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