A promotional tumbler has a massive impact on any on pack promotion as it shows value to customers.

All companies would definitely want to earn as much advertising credits as possible. Here we see a smart approach taken by Marigold Malaysia by offering a promotional tumbler as part of its GWP Promos. Every purchase of 2x1L of Marigold Milk will see consumers getting this promotional gift for free!

Marigold Promotional Tumbler

Marigold Promotional Tumbler

How can we use this promotional tumbler to gain more customers?

What we love about this promo is the overall branding and customization of this promotional item. This promotional product is printed with the colours of the main purchase, enabling high brand recall and certainly increasing brand awareness. In addition, this promotional tumbler allows consumers to contain their beverages conveniently and carry it wherever they go. This would act as free advertising for your brand!

A promotional tumbler can be considered as a cost effective promotional product and there are so many different materials you can choose from – plastic to stainless steel. Contact ODM for more information now!

Milk companies should look into offering freebies to their customers as they value this action. This is a really competitive industry, where there are several brands which means that when customers go to a store, they will loads of options to shop around. What we want is that they focus in our brand and through retention strategies we would be able to get this sorted out!

You can also contact our design team to brainstorm a specific campaign for you and get a new concepts for a promotional tumbler that would really be eye-catching!

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