PediaSure is now offering a free promotional item: a fork and spoon set in the city of Ho Chi Minh! To provide additional support in the early development stages of a child, it offers consumers with their very own branded cutlery set. Overall, this on-pack promo marketing strategy is one of the best ways to influence positive purchasing decisions.

PediaSure Surprises with Free Promotional Item

PediaSure Surprises with Free Promotional Item

How Is A Free Promotional Item Beneficial?

  • Brand Engagement – PediaSure engages consumers through on-pack promotion of common everyday items such as cutlery which enables customers to relate back to the brand.  Moreover, the colors, purple and orange, represent the brand’s identity. With that, it is able to successfully create brand retention among consumers.
  • Brand Exposure – This proven marketing strategy influences more consumers to purchase. With a higher inclination to buy, it boosts brand awareness and attract potential customers. Hence, overall brand exposure and sales will increase.
  • Customer Loyalty – Being able to constantly capture consumer’s attention through an practical and interesting promotional product idea will build trust and loyalty in consumers towards the brand in the long run. PediaSure will surely strengthen and broaden it’s customer base.

Overall, an appealing and free promotional item has the ability to increase sales as it adds value to the main product. This help brands to differentiate itself from others, gaining higher competitive advantage.

With a remarkable knowledge in brand packaging design and manufacturing in China, the team is greatly willing to help you to produce high quality products that will satisfy your needs. Feel free to contact us for an effective collaboration and more information!

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