Miss your days of adolescence? Miss watching cartoon shows? Well, look no further! Popular animated characters such as Krillin from Dragon Ball is back on shelves with every purchase of Dutch Lady’s milk packets in the heartlands of Ho Chi Minh City! This collectible customer gift idea by Dutch Lady will certainly attract a great amount of fans from popular animated series. It is really a smart marketing strategy that many brands should consider!

Cool Customer Gift Idea by Dutch Lady – Dragon Ball Inspired On Pack Gift

Cool Customer Gift Idea by Dutch Lady – Dragon Ball Inspired On Pack Gift

How Would Brands Benefit From This Customer Gift Idea?

You might be wondering why such gift with purchase is an excellent way to get their audience talking about their brand. This is because it helps to raise overall customer experience – it will definitely enhance brand remembrance! Furthermore…

  • Brand Awareness – Through this campaign, the brand will no doubt gain brand recognition and awareness. It certainly encourages repeat purchases and more people will gain knowledge about the on-going promotional gift by the brand. Hence, rivals will see these brands as a fierce competition in the industry. This customer gift idea is simple yet, captures the interest of their young market.
  • Customer Loyalty – If a brand continue to leverage on popular characters, it can create a wider and stronger customer base for them. This unique promotional product will certainly strengthen brand’s image as it has a large fan base.
  • Increase in Sales – Many fans would purchase the product for the free custom promo gift. The on-pack product would certainly boost sales for a brand and spread can also positive reviews about the brand if their product is good.

So, on-pack promos are definitely a great way for brands to gain traction in their sales! To further take your brand to greater heights, you might want to take a look at these POS Displays case studies to feel inspired. At ODM, we have extensive experience in the industry when it comes to manufacturing high-quality promotional products and sketch satisfactory product designs for you. Feel free to contact us today for inquiry!

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