Dutch lady is a manufacturer of dairy products in Malaysia since the 1950s. It first started off with the production of condensed milk and has slowly expanded their product range from infant formula to fruit juice and snacks. Currently, Dutch Lady is offering a free multi-purpose container as a product marketing tactic. You can receive this free container by purchasing at least 4 cups of Dutch Lady Low Fat Yoghurt. The containers come in 6 different colours so hurry up and get yours today!

Dutch lady attracts customers with product marketing!- multipurpose container

Dutch lady attracts customers with product marketing!- multipurpose container

Why containers make good product marketing?

First of all, containers are practical gifts that can be used on a daily basis. Customers can use it to store food or even to pack a meal for work. They would definitely not mind having an additional container to add onto their kitchenware collection. So instead of offering something with a high ornamental value, a gift with purchase that holds a high utility value works better for Dutch Lady. This is because they are ultimately a food and beverage related company. As such, a multi-purpose container would be a more relevant gift than a pen or USB.

On top of that, to be successful in your promotional activities, companies should come out with creative and innovative ideas. This could be by customizing a new product marketing or by adding some new features and functions to any existing promotional products. By tweaking your idea, it increases the perceive value of the product and thus encouraging customers to make a purchase.For instance, instead of a normal container, Dutch Lady is offering a multi-purpose container that offers more functional values.

Remember to brand your Gift with Purchase!

Branding is something that you would definitely not want to miss out on your product marketing. As such, if Dutch lady has branded their multi-purpose container it would boost and improve brand recall. When customers recall your brand, it would encourage them to make a repurchase of your product and ultimately increasing your sales and revenue. So try this promotion today!