Marie Claire is currently offering a DKNY tote bag as a product marketing. This exclusive promotion was spotted at a Hong Kong Circle K convenient store. With every purchase of a Marie Clarie Magazine, customers will get a free and eco-friendly tote bag. This tote bag is a perfect gift for an on-pack promotion. Offering a product like this keeps the environment clean. And as a company with a high corporate social responsibility, you could instill some eco-friendly behavior by offering a reusable tote bag as a product marketing!

Marie Claire Product Marketing Tote Bag

Marie Claire Product Marketing Tote Bag

Why should companies use a Tote Bag as a Product Marketing?

As people are getting more environmentally conscious, offering a reusable tote bag as a marketing product might just be a great idea. It acts as an indication that your company is putting in effort to save the environment. A high corporate social responsibility would definitely leave a good impression on your customers and this in turns improve customer loyalty.

Not to mention, it has a high utility value. Its durability allows customers to use it over and over again. Sometimes people prefer to use tote bag as it can withstand a heavier weight as compared to a plastic bag that breaks easily. As such, a tote bag not only offers the ability to save money but also the ability to save the environment.

Furthermore, aside from being a highly practical product, this tote bag is massively eye-catching. Branded with DKNY’s logo, this increases it’s perceive value. This branded DKNY tote bag would also attract many DKNY fans! Marketing products are all about expanding advertising exposure, creating awareness, attracting prospects and building customer loyalty. In order to do that, it is important to brand your marketing product. And branding it means to have imprinted logo and brand name on your products. Alternatively, you could include your contact details such as your contact number and e-mail address. This actually acts as a reference that allows customers to contact you easily.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and brand your tote bags today!

Besides this tote bag, here are some other options to consider: