Attention all Marie Claire loyal readers! You are in luck this month because Marie Claire is giving away a free beauty case for all readers! Partnering with Agnès b., this customized beauty case comes free with every purchase of the monthly issue bought. Free with purchase, branded and user friendly, this product is perfect for all the ladies in town!

Customized beauty case with Marie Claire and Agnès b.

Customized beauty case with Marie Claire and Agnès b.

Agnès b. is a French label and started making its mark in the fashion industry since the late 1970s. Today, Agnès b. still holds a strong brand appeal in her men’s and women’s category. Read on more to find out how this customized beauty case can help your business grow!

Customized beauty case boosts sales

Firstly, the customized beauty case is a perfect marketing tool for fashion brands. Marie Claire targets ladies who are always with the fashion trend. This would mean that a beauty case is something they would need. Thus, Marie Claire partnered with Agnes b. to create this customized beauty case that is useful and practical for her readers. In this way, this beauty case would be used. Nothing is a better marketing tool than a product that your customers use daily! As the customers always see the customized beauty case, there is no doubt the brand recollection is strengthened. As such, her customers would prefer Agnès b. to other brands when purchasing a product.

Also, customized beauty case provides a perfect platform to market and promote your brand. You can customize anything you want on the beauty case. Something unique will pique the interest of others and garner more attention. In this way, you are able to advertise and market to not just your customers, but also people around your customers!

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