Toys R Us is giving away a Lunch Kit as a promotional giveaway. Simply purchase a backpack from any Toy R Us retail store and walk away with this promotional giveaway worth $9.99. One is entitled to a free lunch kit with every purchase.

Promotional Giveaway: Lunch Kit

Promotional Giveaway: Lunch Kit

Toys R Us is an American based company that specializes in producing toys and juvenile-products. It was founded in 1948 and been refining its niche for many decades already. They are one of the top leading toy manufacturers in the world.

How can offering this promotional giveaway help your company?

Even if you are in the business with kids as your target audiences, offering promotional giveaway still has its effects. Everyone is attracted to promotional giveaway, and for kids, they have their own giveaways that they dig.

By offering a lunch kit as a promotional giveaway, the kids will bring it to school because they would pack lunch. Other kids will take notice of this nicely designed lunch kit. Therefore, they would pester their parents to get the same lunch kit. This will help increase your sales because more parents would then buy the backpack so that they can get the lunch kit for their child.

Furthermore, you could also consider using recyclable materials for your promotional giveaway. This could positively increase the demand because your brand name will be boosted as one who is conscious about the environment. By being known as a company that practices corporate social responsibility, your will have positive influence. Your customers will tend to be more loyal to your company and come back for repeat purchases.

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