Recently, we came across this gift with purchase promotion at a supermarket in Singapore. Marigold is offering promotional lunch boxes for every SGD$6 spent on Marigold UHT Milk. This is in collaboration with the popular American cartoon TV show, We Bare Bears. The promotional gift offer was from 1 – 31 August 2020.

Promotional Lunch Boxes

Promotional Lunch Boxes

Overall, we think that this is an excellent marketing strategy by the dairy company to entice customers and stand out from the highly competitive market.


Here are 5 Reason why we love Marigold’s Promotional Lunch Boxes

Eye-Catching Floor Display

Marigold’s products are beautifully showcased on a retail floor display. Furthermore, the promotion is clearly shown on a big signboard. This will definitely catch the eye of many shoppers and will attract them to the products.

Promotional Lunch Boxes

Promotional Lunch Boxes

Overall, having your own custom floor display can help differentiate yourself and make your brand from the competition. Moreover, it will boost the perceived value of your brand.



The trend nowadays in people’s lifestyle is bringing your own food containers to takeaway meals. This is an effort to protect the environment by eliminating as much as packaging waste as possible. Lunchboxes are definitely very practical items used in our daily lives. Therefore, this product will definitely interest many shoppers.

Not only that, but this product will also appeal to the parents as it is kid-friendly. These custom lunch boxes are indeed must-haves to bring to school.


Licensed Merchandise

We Bare Bears is a really popular show in Singapore. The three bears indeed warm the hearts of many Singaporeans.

Having this licensed merchandise will create pester power as many children enjoy watching this show. They would persuade their parents to buy Marigold milk in order to get a free lunchbox.

Promotional Lunch Boxes

Promotional Lunch Boxes

Not only does it appeal to children, but adults really love these adorable characters. Just like Hello Kitty or Line Friends, some of them may want to get the free gift not to use it but just to collect them.

Overall, having licensed merchandise for your on-pack promotions or Gift-with-purchase is a great way for your brand to attract a wider group of customers.



There are 4 designs of promotional lunch boxes up for grabs, the brown bear, the panda, the polar bear, and all 3 of them together.

Promotional Lunch Boxes

Promotional Lunch Boxes

Having a collectible gift with purchase is a great way to increase sales as some shoppers would want to collect all 4 designs. Therefore, creating impulse purchases.


Limited Edition

The promotional lunch boxes are limited edition and are only available for the month of August. Therefore, some shoppers will feel the urge to buy Marigold milk so they will not miss out on the promotion.


Our Takeaways

The Dairy market and FMCG industry are indeed highly competitive industries. Brands should roll out interesting marketing campaigns in order to stand out. In which, Marigold has successfully done so. Promotional lunch boxes are very practical items that will appeal to many people. Furthermore, including popular cartoon characters in the products will allure more people. Last but not least, Marigold has upped its game by having a visually appealing floor display to distinguish its brand from the competition.


How ODM can help

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