Trusted Vietnamese dairy company, NutiFood is currently offering a gift with purchase promotion in various stores and supermarkets in Vietnam: a toy. Customers simply have to purchase a box of their Nuti IQ Infant Cereal to receive the gift for free!

gift with purchase promotion

In-Store Gift With Purchase Promotion Almost Jumping Off Shelves

For 19 years, NutiFood has been providing infant formula and high energy nutritional food. This kids promotional product is especially well suited to its audience. This is because infants will derive pleasure out of the kids toy, increasing customer satisfaction. A very good product booster from NutiFood!

Gift with purchase promotions are often used by companies as a marketing strategy to increase their brand awareness. In this blog, we will explain why such a marketing scheme can be beneficial to your business.

Reasons Why Your Brand Will Benefit From Offering a Gift With Purchase Promotion:

  • Brand Differentiation: The gift with purchase is eye-catching and stands out with its vibrant colors. Thus, it will give your product a competitive advantage through distinction from the rest of the products on the shelves. In addition, it also increases the value of your product.
  • Increases customers’ loyalty: – Often overlooked, the benefits of customers’ loyalty. When buyers get a gift with purchase, they receive a positive impression from the purchase. Hence, they will likely associate their cheerful feelings with your brand. This also increases repeat purchases in the future.
  • Boost Sales: Free gift merchandise help to increase sales by attracting more customers, as people are encouraged to buy your products if they see the benefit from it.
  • Pester Power: The pester power that children possess is an important marketing tool. By offering a promotional product such as a toy, you can increase the value for money that customers are getting. Thus, customer satisfaction is bound to improve.
  • Driving Impulse Purchases: On-pack promos such as this can influence the purchasing decisions for customers who usually purchase from your competitors. By offering more than what they can, it will definitely leave a positive impression and improve your sales.

Thus, as you can see, there are many benefits to using a gift with purchase promotion. Not only does it help to boost profits in the short-term, it also boosts profits in the long-term.

Next, we have a similar example of how Lif Kun, a company offering milk infused with nutritious ingredients, designed promotional gifts for kids.

gift with purchase promotion

In-Store Gift With Purchase Promotion Almost Jumping Off Shelves

We Can Help With Your Gift With Purchase Promotion…

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