The clothes and accessories company, a02 have recently recently implemented an in-store marketing campaign by offering great promotions to customers. In-Store marketing is a universal strategy, used by companies all over the world including China, designed to attract consumers into the purchasing process. Specifically in this case a02 are using a gift with purchase promotions strategy to lure in consumers, offering a free trendy backpack with purchase.

In-Store Marketing Campaign Offers Promotion to Customers

In-Store Marketing Campaign Offers Promotion to Customers

Analysis of a02 In-Store Marketing

As mentioned, a02 in this In-Store marketing are using a promotional gift with purchases to draw in the customers. They’ve creatively used free backpack with purchase incentive clearly showed within there display photo. In addition this simple but effective advertisement is placed at the front of the store so shoppers walking by will undoubtedly be drawn towards this sign and the gift involved. This will undoubtedly raise brand awareness and recognition of the company of a02 but also will add further benefits to any company implementing an in-store marketing campaign.

Benefits of In-Store Marketing

The benefits to your business from offering in-store promotions

  • Increased potential of impulse buying – By providing such a unique promotion it can undoubtedly influence  consumers particularly non-brand loyal consumers in favour of choosing your product over competitors. Satisfaction will increase and therefore additional sales will also follow. As a result this will clearly have a positive impact on impulse purchases.
  • Brand Awareness – in-store promotion unquestionably increases acknowledgment of the brand and thus competitive advantage especially when competitors displays are scarce.
  • Customer Retention – Often overlooked, although a major chunk of a company’s revenue stream. Customer retention is far cheaper than attracting new customer’s therefore by implementing in-store promotions can help improve satisfaction and ultimately create more loyal consumers.

As a result if done effectively In-Store marketing can be a very powerful assistance in improving sales and profit. ODM have experience in creating displays for businesses, successfully impacting their operations.

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