In-Store Promotions; a great marketing technique used by many successful companies, this one by Robinson’s is a distinguishable example of a fantastic promotional display. This creative promotion combines two sister brands in its fruitful attempt to increase sales. By offering ‘A Refreshing Combination’; a free  bottle of Ballygowan with every purchase of Robinson’s ‘quash’d’ product will certainly spark interest in both loyal and new potential consumers.

Robinson's In-Store Promotion offers GWP

Robinson’s In-Store Promotion offers GWP

This In-Store Promotion by Robinson’s will certainly achieve effective pull marketing. This promotional tool, by cleverly combining two complimentary brands under the same ownership will not only  make the in-store display standout from other drinks brand, particularly squash and water, increasing awareness of both brands among customers in general. In addition, combining the two complimentary brands will also create a more effective awareness for Robinson’s Squash among Ballygowan drinkers and vice-versa . Not only does this give distinction to the products but also creates further value that will increase satisfaction to the intended customer. Overall increasing the purchases of the two brands.

The benefits to your business from offering in-store promotions

  • Increased potential of impulse buying – By providing such a unique promotion it can undoubtedly influence the designs of non-brand loyal consumers in favour of choosing your product over competitors. Satisfaction will increase and therefore additional sales will also follow. As a result this will clearly have a positive impact on impulse purchases.
  • Brand Awareness – in-store promotion unquestionably increases acknowledgment of the brand and thus competitive advantage especially when competitors displays are scarce.
  • Customer Retention – Often overlooked, although a major chunk of a company’s revenue stream. Customer retention  is far cheaper than attracting new customer’s therefore by implementing in-store promotions can help improve satisfaction and ultimately create more loyal consumers

The benefits of an effective in-store promotions like this are profound. As outlined they certainly increase the sales and profitability both short and long-term of the product it’s directed to.

Although this is the case of a huge business like Robinson’s, the same logic can be applied to a business of any size. ODM have experience in creating displays for businesses, successfully impacting their business. The effect of an in-store display is important for those big and small.

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