Oreo is a world-famous cookie brand that is known for its signature chocolate cookies. Here, you can see Oreo’s custom food packaging for their brand promotion. They are offering their cookies in cookie shaped containers. Clearly, this custom promotional merchandise is eye-catching and therefore stands out from the rest.

Why We Love Oreo's Custom Food Packaging for Brand Promotion

Why We Love Oreo’s Custom Food Packaging for Brand Promotion

Why such brand promotion?

This custom food packaging gives the merchandise a premium look, quirky and fun element to the cookie-shaped box that makes a loyal customer of the brand to buy the product during such promotions.  Such in-store displays increase customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. Similarly, the customization makes the product a premium and exclusive product.

Perks of custom food packaging:

This food packaging is an excellent example of creative food packaging. Rather than the conventional way of marketing, through such brand packaging design and promotional offers, the brand gets the advertising done in a fun manner. Custom packaging is an effective way of promotion as it can have a strong impact on the minds of the consumer, thus enhancing brand recall.

In conclusion, custom food packaging can increase its brand recognition among consumers. Thus, inspiring repeat sales, which could lead to increased sales. Also, customization can help a business to connect with its customers and thus making the consumers loyal to a brand.

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