Isn’t it a child’s dream to own anything Minion from Despicable Me? Well, you can! In Hong Kong drug stores there is a free-standing POS Despicable Me display that is marketing the third movie.

Free standing POS

Freestanding POS

Despicable Me is a franchise that has not only captured the interests of children but also adults. I have friends whose parents have minion merchandise. These movies even have spin-offs of ten other short films.

Free standing POS

Freestanding POS

Freestanding POS- POS display

The display is showing a few different types of minion toys that are for sale. There are a few different minions on the top so that customers can see the minions that are in the box. On the right side of the display are the small boxes of minions that are sitting in a clear container so that one can see the product.

On the left-hand side are the suitcases. The suitcases sell in size small, medium and large. The display is made out of metal that is painted over with yellow to match the minion theme. On the side of the display is the medium size suitcase and backpack because the store wants people to see their product at every angle.

Free standing POS

Freestanding POS

The benefits of a POS display:

Easily mobile– A POS display that moves is a plus. POS displays are used to draw the customers’ attention to new products, special offers, and to promote special events. In this case, the POS display is used to promote the new Despicable Me film.

Easy to the eye– We can easily see that the store is only selling Despicable Me product. These items are not jumbled in with other products; like if it were on a shelf. Also, the colour scheme makes the display stand out against the clear shelving units, so it would be hard to miss the display.

Targeting Customers– These displays can affect a customers’ choice because customers are not having to walk down the whole aisle to find a product; your brand is easily accessible.


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Other Ways to Use a POS Display

POS displays is commonly used in different places. Mostly seen in supermarkets, different shops in the mall or in street shops. Also, POS displays promote different products….. Here are different ways that POS displays are used.

In an airport in Qatar, there is a POS display that is selling Al Nassma chocolate. Al Nassma sells camel chocolate. The correlation between the camel statues and the item sold is a great marketing strategy.

Here is one way that Benefit Makeup used a POS Display. I like that they used one side of the display to build a life size version of the product. This setup is easy for the eyes to see and the location is perfect because it is right at the checkout.

Here is another way to use a POS display. Though the display is quite simple, we still see the different lip cares. Also, the placement of this display is good- at the end of the isle by the beauty products.

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