We spotted these cool cardboard free-standing displays at a supermarket in Hong Kong and the vibrant colors got our attention straight away. We love everything from the materials, colors, and designs. The said cardboard FSDUs were made exclusively for Cadbury and KitKat.

Free Standing Cardboard Displays

Free Standing Cardboard Displays

Why is this a great marketing idea? Free standing display units are a staple in every brick and mortar store. They are crucial in merchandising goods effectively. Usually positioned along the aisle, these standalone displays are designed to influence buying behavior and spark impulse buys.

Free Standing Cardboard Displays

Free Standing Cardboard Displays

Standalone displays such as these are very effective in marketing chocolate products. This is because products need not compete for shelf space with competitors. Since there is fierce competition, you want to be able to get your customers’ attention right off the bat. And this is what these brands did!

In this POS display, you can see that there is a small protruding shelf from the cardboard display, showcasing different flavors of KitKat. Also, you can see that this was designed for their Easter Promotions.

Free Standing Cardboard Displays

Free Standing Cardboard Displays


On the other hand, Cadbury teamed up with Peter Rabbit 2 for this very special promotion. To promote the movie, they are offering a free gift of PS4 for every golden egg found in the packaging.

Free Standing Cardboard Displays

Free Standing Cardboard Displays

You can see that the side panels are also branded to further promote the brand to customers coming from any point of the store.


Here’s Why We Love these Sweet Cardboard Free Standing Display Examples:


The displays add eye-catching characteristics that are unique for each brand. One glance at these branded FSDUs and you will easily recognize which brand it is even from a distance. In essence, the free standing cardboard displays have differentiated them from the rest.


Both Kit Kat and Cadbury stick to their brand colors to ensure that their displays are anchored to their image. This helps in creating a finer brand remembrance.

Brand Message

The tagline “Have a Break, Have a KitKat” is printed on the freestanding display to further enforce their marketing message. Since it was designed for Easter promotions, it also features Easter-related visuals to create a festive and happy mood.


Cadbury’s display is engaging because it promotes Peter Rabbit 2’s free gift promotion, encouraging people to participate in the contest before the time runs out. To learn more about their contest promotion, be sure to read this blog:


Lightweight and Portable

Made from cardboard, the custom floor displays are lightweight and transportable. This way, they can be easily placed along the aisle, near the checkout area, or any points of the store with high foot traffic. Also, it makes it easier to keep once the campaign is over.


The designs are relevant and timely, which makes them pop. Designing your POS display around a particular event or holiday is proven effective in affecting buyer behavior. Shoppers buy gifts during special events. And since chocolates are the number one choice of gifts, using a custom POS display will surely encourage customers to not miss their special holiday offer.


Previous Confectionery Displays by Cadbury

Here, Cadbury partnered with Premiere League for this virtual reality marketing display. Fun and engaging, we could not help but try our winning kick to win limited-edition gifts.


Promoting their Cadbury Lickables, the chocolate brand made an eye-catching retail display. What makes it stand out is that the design reflects the product.


Check out some of Cadbury’s outstanding POS displays in the UK.



POS Displays by KitKat

We certainly love this in-store display by Kit Kat at Qatar airport. Find out why:


This bench is an outstanding example of an outdoor advertising promotion. It was nicely branded with KitKat logo etched on the bench.


Contact ODM

If you wish to have a custom-designed free standing cardboard display, be sure to consult an expert to ensure that it is made according to your branding requirements. Professionals will make sure to follow the specs sheet and safety standards when it comes to manufacturing promotional products. Luckily, ODM can help you with that! Our team can help you brainstorm unique and effective POS displays, custom promotional merchandise, and marketing gifts for your company.


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