This free gift promo idea from Cadbury will inspire you to take your marketing up a notch. We came across this redemption style promo in a store and it immediately caught and held our attention.

Cadbury, over the years, has done so many noteworthy promotions. From their mini eggs competition to their promotional cardboard display to their brand activation campaign and even sports promotion gifts.

This promotion was done for the original Cadbury Creme Egg, which is a milk chocolate shell with a soft fondant center. It involves customers buying Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg ‘n’ Spoon pack and finding a golden egg inside to win. They have to call the number found on the ticket inside by a certain time before a specific date to claim their prize. This is in some ways similar to a custom lottery promo idea.

free gift promo

Reasons why this free gift promo idea is fantastic


The use of challenges or competition style promotion is one of the most effective ways to get your customers involved. This way, they are a part of it. The fact that they have a part to play in winning this free gift makes it all the more interesting and keeps their attention engaged for as long as the promo lasts. Even after the promo is over, they will still be talking about the experiences and trading stories for a very long time. What better way to ensure brand retention than this?


Following closely is the ‘search and find’ tactic used in this promotion. It makes it even more beguiling. Placing the promo inside the actual product is the same idea behind on-pack promos ensuring that they can’t partake unless they purchase your product. Even better is the fact that they might have to purchase multiple products just to find the golden egg and this in turn equals increased purchases for your brand. This is what a good strategy looks like


It is amazing that all available information is readily available on the body of the package. This gives a sense of ease to the consumers as they can see all they need to know at a glance. All the necessary steps and information are very clear.


The design of this promo is very catchy and appealing. It is shaped like the normal egg crates but purple in colour signifying its relation to the brand. Cadbury is known for that beautiful purple colour. Everything about the design and packaging screams “Notice me” and this is the reaction it is bound to get. In designing your free gift promo, make sure it is done in a way that properly reflects your brand and is also appealing.

Worthy gift:

The PS4, prior to the release of the ps5 this year is a very much coveted gift. Even now, it is still very much sought after. Using a gift this highly wanted increases the possibility of consumer satisfaction. Your audience is more likely to participate in a promotion when it is something they want to have. You have to know your target audience and understand their dominant demographic. This would help in picking the perfect gift or prize for your free gift promotion. 


free gift promo (display stand)

Excellent display stand

This display stand is worthy of honorable mention because it is an excellent way to set your brand apart. Not only is the stand’s colour harmonizing with the brand’s image, but the racks are also filled with other products by same brand. What this does is after being pulled in by the free gift promo, customers might find themselves picking one or two other items from the rack because it is right in their face and within reach. It is a great method of branding that register’s in people’s minds and subconsciously enables brand retention. In other to make your promotion unforgettable, you not only have to focus on the promo in itself but also on how it is presented.

free gift promo


This is more an observation than a suggestion but it is probably worthy of mention too. On the label of the package, you would find a part that advertises the Peter Rabbit movie that was intended to come out soon. This is because sometime last year, Cadbury renewed its partnership with the Peter Rabbit movie franchise for Easter 2020, ahead of the release of Peter Rabbit 2. Partnerships are a great way to spread costs and get mutual gain from a promotion in a way that is symbiotic and benefited both brands.

Cadbury said toys are the third biggest gift category at Easter after chocolate and flowers and so the partnership “offers a real opportunity to cater for shoppers looking for high-value gift opportunities.”


What Do You Stand to Gain From a Free Promo Gift?

Encourages bulk purchases: People are likely to buy more than they originally bargained for when there is a prize involved. This kicks a drive into our subconsciousness and most of the time, we do this without knowing. It is the unconscious effect that competitions and challenges have on the minds of people. So what you have at the end of this promotion is a spike in your sales because of this effect.

Brings repeat customers: Customers will always return when they stand to gain something from their purchase. Also, chances are if your product is really good, even long after the promo period is over, people will return to purchase the product because now, they have a liking to it. This way, not only are you stacking more purchases but you’re also improving brand loyalty.

Competitive advantage: Nothing sets you apart like engaging with your customers. This kind of promotion makes them feel included and gives them a sense of belonging. You walk into a store and you’re met with the opportunity of a challenge and promise of a better prize. Everyone is trying to outsell their competition with different ingenious and creative ways. This is bound to give you an edge because you are giving your customers a chance to participate. It is also very appealing and as mentioned earlier, the display and packaging are quite great.

free gift promo

In a nutshell,

This, similar to the use of instore redemption gifts, coupons, and discount cards have the feel of a lottery win to it. Nothing spurs people on like hopes of a big win.

Using free gift promos like this is a marketing strategy that never stops giving (to your brand). The benefits are enormous. It immediately gives you a competitive advantage and puts you at the forefront of your customer’s consciousness. The cost to benefit ratio of this kind of promotion is also a significant gain. This way, your brand is in their mind and on their lips and even when they purchase more of your product than they would normally have, it almost feels worthwhile for them.


Here Are a Few Other Note-Worthy Promotions by Cadbury:

This interactive, virtual Reality marketing display gained a lot of attention as it was different from the usual.  Customers had to buy any Cadbury product to play the game. You can check it out for more insights into the promotion.


In this ‘search and find’ type promotion, Cadbury teamed up with the premier league to bring their fans an amazing experience.


Cardboard displays aren’t just effective, they are also eco-friendly. This promotion was another collaboration that brought great results. Is anyone seeing the partnership and collaboration pattern here? We sure are.


A great display almost always sets your brand apart. Here, we share some secrets that set Cadbury’s Bespoke retail display apart.


Another beautiful promotion that totally caught our attention. You should check it out. You just might pick up a thing or two.

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