One great way to engage your audience and improve brand loyalty is by adopting the idea of a custom lottery promo. Over time, the lottery has been associated with luck and winning. There is something about the lottery that inspires hope and compels action. Although the people who participate that they might not win, everyone goes into a lottery with high hopes that they just might win. This is what we like to call the “you never know’ syndrome. It’s a try your luck approach that never fails to pull people in every time.

custom lottery promo

How to organize a winning custom lottery promo strategy

Set a price limit: 

Limits like these help create a standard in the sense that people have to at least buy up to this amount in order to qualify for this promotion. The impact of this on your sales would be phenomenal as people would find themselves buying more than they would have naturally bought in a bid to meet the mark.

Have the prize on display:

Studies have shown that people are more likely to act on something when their senses are involved. Putting the “prize” that you intend to give out on display, helps the people see what they are competing for. It is a sensory illusion that makes the customer aware in a way that most times, influences actions. Just like how Nivea has displayed the shoe to be won in the image below.

Use a great product:

Your promotion will be of little or no effect if the product to be won isn’t of any relevance or quality. It is important that you use something that will appeal to your target audience. It is also important that whatever you decide to use is durable and of great quality. The goal of this product or prize, in this case, is to inspire a reaction on the customer’s part. You want them to like it enough to want to participate.


The branding of this promotion is every bit as important. Make sure the product in question is properly branded with your company name or logo or even both. You want your branding done in a way that the product can sell your brand in your absence. Also, you can see that the shoe is in what looks like a bubble wrap and there’s a gift box behind. What this does is it creates a correlation in your brain with a prize that has to be won.

Set a deadline:

On the information available on the display stand, there is a specified date for the lottery. This sets a deadline for the promotion. It creates a sense of urgency that pushes consumers to act now. When something is said to be “limited-edition,” its value increases in the eyes of shoppers. This drives customers to purchase these items before they run out of time, thus boosting sales. We can safely say that this promotional product packaging is an effective way to stimulate brand activation.

Great display stand:

We can’t emphasize enough the need for a great branded counter display. Be it a POS display, end-cap displaybranded FSDU, or even a high-end retail counter display, you want something that stands out and sets your product apart.

Make the process easy:

Most times, if the process of applying and qualifying for the lottery is hard, customers won’t see it till the end. It is paramount that the steps are easy to follow and clearly stated on the display. If you’re using coupons or stamps, make sure that they are easy to access. The goal of this promotion is to keep the consumers engaged till the very end.

custom lottery promo

What does your brand stand to gain from a custom lottery promo?

  • Increased awareness of your brand
  • Boosts sales
  • Brand retention
  • Engages your audience
  • Gives room for referrals

In conclusion,

There are basic metrics that significantly contribute when determining the effectiveness of a promotion. Such as increased revenue during the promotional time versus the expense of the promotion plus marketing and additional sales commission. The resulting cumulative boost is often considered a good indicator of the success of a promotion.

But within the limited-term, the value of brand loyalty, awareness, player engagement, and satisfaction that good promotions build can not be measured. Such factors generate long-term players, and thus, sales.

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