Recently the American courier delivery service company conducted an interesting promotional campaign with the collaboration of 2Go travel.

The Purple play promotion was a marketing campaign by FedEx Express Philippines in collaboration of another big Filipino travel provider company. The customers were asked to ship using FedEx services at a 2Go Express outlet or at a FedEx world service centre in order to participate in a raffle. For each shipment, the client was given a Purple play game card, valid for an in-store ‘scratch & win’ and an entry in the online lottery.

Promotional Campaign by FedEx - Lottery to Win a Free Gift

Promotional Campaign by FedEx – Lottery to Win a Free Gift

As you can see from the photo, the top three prizes, online raffle exclusive, were 100,000 Philippine pesos in gift certificates, an iPad Air and an iPad Mini. As for the prizes of the in-store ‘scratch & win’, a FedEx plane model, a plush plane, stationery set and a key chain and then also a 2GO Express note pad, pen and fan. In the advertisement itself shows a wide range of prizes, which make it look very attractive for both the type and the perceived large range of prizes.

To sum up, FedEx thought about two separate competitions differenced in two separate levels. A more direct and reachable level is the ‘scratch & win’ competition and a higher and more appealing level is then represented by the online lottery. This is a very smart promotional campaign and we will explain why.

Promotional Campaign by FedEx - Lottery to Win a Free Gift

Promotional Campaign by FedEx – Lottery to Win a Free Gift

In this campaign, all prizes are FedEx branded and customized. Indeed, it would be a great idea to customize each product to match your own company or event’s theme. We, therefore, would like to suggest plenty of ideas for trucks, planes, ship or even made-to-measure models. As for plush toys, be aware of complying to international standards, being safe for children, carry out all the required revisions. Regarding the stationary set and keychain, you would be surprised to discover how infinite sort of models are there: post-it pens, 6-in-1 pens, lava lamp pens, and many others.

Why is this promotional campaign worth a consideration?

  • Raised revenues: One of the requirements is to ship with FedEx. It obviously means FedEx had a boost in shipments and therefore revenue for a period of time of six months. People prefer choosing a courier over another if they feel that they may gain something much more valuable, they choose the alternative that costs more but has anyway that minimum percentage of great success.
  • Loyal customer: As a consequence of the first point, customers that participated in FedEx’s promo campaign got used to its system, gained more knowledgeable about the courier and is unlikely to try something new. They will become loyal customers if a good service is delivered, increasing your customer base.
  • Brand exposure: the online raffle requires you to give your personal information plus you need to share the campaign event on your facebook timeline. Social media nowadays are the fastest and most efficient way of communication and marketing you can find. Use different sites to ensure that you can reach as many people as possible, maximising brand exposure. You can attempt to market through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. For the same amount of costs, you would never be able to replicate the same brand exposure with any other promo campaign.


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