Mexican beer brand Sol launched its new promotional campaign in the UK as a part of the global roll-out of the brand. It includes comprehensive in-store marketing, competition and array of prizes that can be won. This campaign aims to increase overall brand awareness, stimulate sales and to get connected with the target market.

Being a consumer orientated brand with unique positioning, they have designed a tailored promotional campaign. One element of it is in-store marketing, which includes new packaging for Sol’s 4 packs and 12 packs, banners to be placed on the shelf and much more.

"Win a One Off Prize" with Sol's In-Store Marketing Campaign

“Win a One Off Prize” with Sol’s In-Store Marketing Campaign

The benefits of in-store marketing

The whole design of the packaging resonates with the brand’s message of freedom, and was created to express the philosophy of the brand and its vision. Banners are intended to inform the customers of the online competition and also attract attention to the products. As the part of the campaign, every customer purchasing Sol’s promotional 4 pack or 12 pack will have a chance to enter online competition. The prizes have high perceived value, thus are going to benefit considerably to the image of the brand and rise positive brand associations.

The online competition and the company’s website is great to stimulate website traffic and promote company’s online media. This in-store marketing campaign is also beneficial to connect with your target market.

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