One of the most well-known brands of laundry detergent Persil has launched its brand activation campaign. The promotional activities are going to combine the online and offline media.

In store marketing is one of the most important parts of offline campaign and consists of various banners in order to attract attention towards the product and branded neck tags. The latter provides an opportunity to serve for both promotional and informative purposes. The in store marketing notifies the customers of ongoing brand activation campaign and accentuate the products on the shelf.

The online part of the campaign is the competition with giveaways and interactive game for kids ‘Messy adventure’. Even though the game is meant for children, it helps the brand to indirectly reach its target group – their parents.

Brand Activation campaign 'Messy Adventure' by Persil

Brand Activation campaign ‘Messy Adventure’ by Persil

Why this brand activation campaign is effective?

This brand activation campaign is both online and offline, which allows to ensure maximum media coverage, secure message consistency and efficiency of the campaign.

Offline promotion helps to distinguish the products on the shelf and make them more noticeable to the customer, thus providing competitive advantage. The online competition and the company’s website is great to stimulate website traffic and promote company’s online media. Brand awareness, brand recognition and elevated sales are ones of the many outcomes of this brand activation campaign.

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