Mateus, a Portugal brand recently launch a brand activation campaign for their beverage, Mateus Rosé in Australia. They have a tasting event at several places in Australia. Customer who purchased a bottle of Mateus will stand a chance in winning one of the three vintage bikes as a GWP promotion.

 Brand Activation Campaign by Mateus Rosé Australia

Brand Activation Campaign by Mateus Rosé Australia

What is brand activation?

Brand activation is part of the marketing activation strategy in creating engagement between brand and customers. The stategy helps marketer to turn insights into action in achieving desired results. Brand activation not only creates emotional connections with customers, it helps to position the brand in gaining competitive advantage and make business profitable. You can read more about the campaign covered by Australia’s drink bulletin here.

How to engage target audience with Brand activation?

Besides spectacular services offered by your service representatives to customers, you can use promotional gifts or branded merchandise in making a connection with customers. In Mateus wine tasting event, they offer free wine samples to client and branded wine coolers. Also an opportunity to wine one out of three vintage bikes. Your company can do the same by offering high end products that are valuable and special. This gives you the competitive gain when trying to connect to more customers. In addition, your customers will remember your brand with the promotional gifts you offer them. In this case study, the vintage bike will greatly benefit the winner as he or she can use it for a long time. This creates an  emotional connection and brand engagement as customers will remember your brand in a positive manner.

We have multiple case studies on items for brand activation and wine promotional gifts.   You can read more on branded merchandise and customization by clicking on the links below or contact us here with any inquiry. Our in-house design team, Mindsparkz, can assist you with unique and creative designs for your campaign as well.