Looking out for your customers is in the best interest of every company. With a custom RFID holder you can protect your clients while also increasing brand awareness. RFID skimming is an increasing problem and means that credit card information is stolen by using an RFID reader. This can be done from a distance and the only way to protect yourself is by shielding your cards. The fact that it takes a while before people find out that they have been skimmed makes this extra dangerous. A custom RFID holder is a great way of protecting yourself and can be used instead of a wallet. The way it works is that it blocks out electromagnetic signals, which also means that it reduces the risk of your cards getting demagnetized.

custom rfid holder

Custom RFID Holder

How can a custom RFID holder be used by your company?

At the ODM Group we’re able to create and design a custom RFID holder for you. This can come in a variety of different colors, materials and designs ranging from basic to more premium options. We can also print your logo on the holder which will increase customer awareness of your brand. This is a good promotional product and can for example be used as a gift with purchase (GWP) or sold as merchandising. Because the product will be used in everyday life it will lead to increased brand activation. It will also be seen not just by the person using it, but also by people in their surrounding.

If you have any other ideas our in house design team, Mindsparkz, can help you out. For more information feel free to contact us either via email or by calling us. All contact information is available at our website. If you need more inspiration for other promotional products you can check out some of our other blogs listed below: