HSBC has recently unveiled PayMe, an online payment app that customers can use to transfer money through mobile banking. And as part of their marketing strategy, they gave away a promotional card holder to their customers. The card holder contains a card with QR code that when scanned will redirect users to their portal, thereby allowing for fast and hassle-free online registration.

Promotional Card Holder

Promotional Card Holder

Card holders are more than just mobile phone accessories; they are also an effective marketing products because they offer unlimited branding and advertising opportunities. With so many people using smartphones nowadays, custom card holders can be a fast and cost-effective way to bring your brand closer to your target market.


Why We Love this Promotional Card Holder From PayMe?

  • Can Be Attached to Mobile Phones: Customers can use this card holder to keep their business cards as well as their store-value card. Therefore, they do not have to bring their wallets with them when they go out. The promise of convenience is what makes this product an excellent marketing gift.
Promotional Card Holder

Promotional Card Holder

  • Lasting Power: What we like about this promotional giveaway is the fact that customers can use them on daily basis. So when customers take out their phone in the office, on the subway, and on the streets, PayMe gains immense exposure at no additional cost. Being high-utility means customers are likely to keep them around for years. Promotional products that have value or are practical and durable are unlikely to end up in the trash.
  • Slim Design: One might think that having something attached at the back of their phone feels uncomfortable. But PayMe’s promotional card holder is ultra slim and lightweight. So, if you are considering promoting your brand with a card holder, keep in mind that the functionality is as important as its aesthetics. Is it easy and comfortable to use? Does it provide convenience?
Promotional Card Holder

Promotional Card Holder

  • Card with QR Code: As PayMe is an online app that allows for easy payment and sending of money to friends and family members, it only makes sense to offer customers cards with QR code. This way, it would be easier for customers to log on to the website anywhere, provided that they are connected to the internet. Therefore, PayMe gains better online presence thanks to their custom promotional products. To learn more how QR codes can be beneficial for business, check out this blog:


How a Promotional Card Holder Can Drive Brand Performance?

If you are thinking how a card holder can help you grow your brand, here are some of its benefits:

1. Cost-Effective: When designing your card holder, do consider the materials you wish to use. Some card holders are made out of plastic, leather, PU leather, denim, or a combination of these materials. Since they are relatively inexpensive to produce, you can produce more of these and give them away during trade shows, product launch, and outdoor marketing.

2. Design Flexibility: For more upmarket designs, you can use more high-end materials and customize them to showcase your brand image. There are many styles to choose from. Here are some examples:


3. Innovation: If you want to promote your brand while keeping your clients protected from RFID skimming, you can offer them custom RFID holders to ensure that their personal data are not being compromised. As identity theft is prevalent nowadays, such item would be handy during travels. This would make excellent employee welcome gift and corporate gift for clients.

4. Targets a Wide Range of Market: Card holders can be used by just about anyone. This means more people will learn about your company.


All in all, a promotional card holder not only provides a cost-effective and practical advertising option for many companies. But they also allow brands to be creative in their marketing approach. Long lasting, functional, and effective, card holders are a nice deviation from the usual promotional products.


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