promotional QR codes


Promotional QR Codes can be added to product packaging to give potential customers access to a whole range of product information! QR (Quick Response) can also be called a second-generation or 2D barcode. They were created in 1994 by Denso-wave in Japan and are revolutionizing the barcode industry.

What are Promotional QR Codes?

QR codes are linked to websites providing important information to consumers. In this information age, consumers want to know more about the product they want to purchase. Accounting for thier increase presence.

The black and white checkered squares can be scanned using a QR code reader application on smartphones. In an instant, all information stored on the barcode pops up on the user’s phone. Instantly providing consumers with information about the product on the spot! Marvelous technology!  Moreover, it helps consumers make a much more informed decision during their purchases.

How will users use Promotional QR Codes?

Customers either install an application on their smartphone or use the built-in camera to scan the barcode. Promotional QR codes are usually linked to websites, but they can also be used to add contacts to a phone’s address book, geolocation,  gather product or service information on the spot, etc. The benefits are endless when Promotional QR codes are used. Have a scan below to try it out! It will bring you to our sister company website, Mindsparkz almost instantly. Essentially, it is quite a simple and straightforward action.

promotional QR codes

Promotional QR Codes

Practical Approach to Elevate your Marketing Campaign

Here is an example of how Wilkinson Sword marketed their Hydro 5 Razor Serious with the use of Promotional QR codes as part of their marketing campaign.  A large QR barcode in front of the product being sold – prominently displayed on a promotional shelf talker.

In this example, consumers have the opportunity to win/redeem a promotional prize just by scanning the barcode! This shows how effective QR barcodes can be used by companies to give more information to their consumers. These barcodes are found on all types of products and services.

promotional QR codes

Hydro’s Case Study

Promotional QR Codes are used on various consumer products, advertisementsbusiness cards, and many more. Additionally, there are hundreds of QR code readers for users to download on their smartphones! Fret not! Here is a list with a few of them:

Create your own bar code on i-Nigma’s website!

Different Methods of Marketing Promotional QR Codes

1. POS Displays

Enhance your marketing campaign with promotional QR codes on POS Displays. This hand-sketched Holo POS is sure to stand out in a store! Furthermore, the Gobo Projector option allows consumers to see the company logo when it is being projected on the floor. Perfect to capture the attention of consumers looking down on their handphones. Contact ODM if you want to find out more about implementing QRs to a custom POS display

promotional QR codes

POS Display QR Sketch


2. Tool Kit / Business Card QR

Here is a 3D model of how QRs can be implemented on Tool Kits or Business Cards. The QR can store the toolkit information such as “How-To” instructions. Essentially saving cost on having a paper manual and also leading to a greener planet!

Besides, there are QR Business cards too. Having a QR Code on your business card means potential clients or employers can add your contact information to their mobile devices without the hassle of manually typing it in. Saving both parties time and energy!

promotional QR codes

ToolKit/Business Card QR

3. Promotional Products

Having the codes placed on your company’s promotional products is also another way for effective marketing. It stands out due to its uniqueness and also multifunctional! Scan the code and it can direct buyers to your company website or information about the product.

promotional QR codes

Pillow QR Code

4. Company Logo Designs

Tap into your creative mind by coming up with a myriad of designs for promotional QR codes. You can design it to fit your company logo, shape, or size! Stand out among the crowd of QR code users with a uniquely shaped QR. Just like the one below!

promotional QR codes

Company Logo Designs

Learning Points

Promotional QR Codes are great tools that should be added to all banners advertising new promotional products, customer giveaways, GWP Promos. This will allow your clients to scan the QR code and have access to the website with all the promotional information on their phones. Most definitely more efficient than traditional banner advertising. It will allow your clients to come back to the promotional information when they have spare time in their day. Thus, creating longer exposure to your promotional message!

Contact ODM

If you are interested in helping your company stand out in its industry especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, contact ODM today! We can help you with On-pack promotionGift with PurchaseIn-store displays, POS Display Units, and many more. Surely, it will wow and appeal to many shoppers.

We have helped many established brands throughout the years and they are pleased with the end results. You can see our portfolio here: Promotional Gifts for Food Industry or Marketing Gifts for Drinks Industry.

Also, we have an in-house design team, Mindsparkz, that can help with innovative branded promotional products and promotional product designs for your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business through the use of effective display marketing!

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