Ettusais is offering a luggage as a marketing gift. This promotion is available in Singapore, at Metro Paragon and Metro Woodlands. You can receive this luggage when you make a SGD$180 nett purchase at Ettusais. The luggage comes in three different colours and two designs. It is only limited to one luggage per person.

Marketing Gift by Ettusais-Luggage

Marketing Gift by Ettusais-Luggage

Ettusais is a Japanese skin-loving beauty brand that is popular for their products that prevent adult acne. It believes in giving women fun, tools to their individualism, and freedom from adult acne!

Why did Ettusais make use of a luggage as a marketing gift?

Luggage is not a common marketing gift among beauty brands. By using this luggage as a marketing gift, Ettusais would not only stand a chance to differentiate itself from other competitors but also establish a stronger foothold in their industry.

This luggage comes in 3 different colours, with two of them being very vibrant: blue and pink. The prints are also very lively and eye catching which would most definitely attract the younger adults. Parents might also spend SGD$180 at Ettusais just so that they can get the luggage for their own children. This luggage is not only useful and feasible; it also serves as a good advertising method for the brand.

How can the luggage help to increase sales for Ettusais?

This luggage is a high value added marketing gift. Due to its attractive design and high feasibility, many would take notice of the luggage when carrying it around. Ettusais can brand its brand name or logo on the front of the luggage so that other can see it and know of its existence. When more consumers are exposed to the brand, they would be interested to try their products. This encourages them to spend on Ettusais’s products which would in turn increase sales for the company.

Those that have heard of the brand before but have yet to try their products might be tempted by this offer and end up buying their products. This would help to generate sales for the company and increase their revenue in the long run.