Credit card USB is a great marketing gift because it is easy to keep and convenient to bring around. The credit card USB can be made in many different models and fully customized after your branding needs and desire. They have many great opportunities for customization and OEM designs. A credit card USB is compact, light and has a high perceived value.

Marketing Gift Idea: Credit Card USB

Marketing Gift Idea: Credit Card USB

Why use a credit card USB as a marketing gift?

A credit card USB is a great marketing gift! Having to carry many lose items around can be troublesome. A credit card USB is compact and easy to carry around. It is a product of which has a long product life and high utility value. These would help to improve brand recall. Furthermore, it is an interesting product that has the ability to attention and provoke curiosity. All the more you should brand these items. These promotional products are advertising agents for your business. Thus, it would be good to include your company website and telephone number on the gift. This helps to provide convenience for customers to contact you.

This credit card USB is highly customizable as well. You can choose a colour that matches your logo or your company colour. Slogans or contact information can be included too. The capacity of the credit card USB can be increased or decreased according to your needs. Using promotional items in a unique way can also help boost sales.  Items like promotional credit card USBs are an inexpensive way to attract some attention to your business without going over budget.

Some words in Russian for our local readers:

USB-кредитки – это один из самых стильных бизнес-подарков на сегодняшней день. На них много места для нанесения Вашего логотипа или слогана компании, контактной информации. Такой подарок привлечет много новых клиентов к Вашему бренду. В свою очередь, компания ODM с удовольствием подберет идеальный промо-подарок для Вашей рекламной акции.