Promotional Idea: Custom Bottle Opener USB Flash Drive

USB flash drives are a staple item in schools and offices that is why it makes a wonderful promotional item. Nowadays, using a printed promotional USB stick for marketing is nothing new. But offering a custom bottle opener USB flash drive can be a wonderful conversation starter. This is a great opportunity for customers to recognize and become aware of your brand.

Here are some special designs of custom bottle opener USB. Each of them are designed differently:

Promotional idea: Custom Bottle Opener USB Flash Drive

Promotional idea: Custom Bottle Opener USB Flash Drive

What we like about these custom bottle opener USB flash drive?

Promotional idea Custom Bottle Opener USB Flash Drive

Promotional idea Custom Bottle Opener USB Flash Drive

  • Novel design– Promoting a special design of bottle opener USB flash drive, you will have a better marketing advantage than other brands. Customers like unique and creative products. A promotional product with novel design helps to build the brand image and advertise through word-of-mouth.
  • Color– Color is important in influencing customers’ buying emotion. The color silver makes it look high-tech and industrial. It fits these USB flash drive’s image.

Why we love these ideas?

Promotional idea: Custom Bottle Opener USB Flash Drive

Promotional idea: Custom Bottle Opener USB Flash Drive

  • Practical – This bottle opener USB flash drive is created as a 2-in-1 USB drive. Aside from saving and transferring files, it also doubles as a bottle opener for home and bar use. However, customers need to be careful not to get the flash drive wet as it might get damaged. Here, “Beer Promo- USB Cable with Bottle Opener” blog shows another exciting design.
  • Functional – These custom bottle opener USB flash drive are effective in any promotions such as gift with purchase, give away or brand merchandise. Customize your bottle opener USB flash drive with your logo and send it out for free. Customers always cannot resist the temptation of free gift.
  • Loyalty– Bringing something new to customers helps to build customer loyalty. Customers like to try new things and get extra benefits from your products. Custom bottle opener USB flash drive defines your brand identity. And, it is small size and lightweight. So, it is convenient to use and carry around.
  • Brand recognition and awareness – With unique and different designs your brand will stand out from other competitors. You can use these USB flash drive to grab customers interest and attention. This is ideal for beer and drinks promotions as well as venue marketing.

Whether used as a giveaway product or a retail merchandise, we are confident that this custom bottle opener USB flash drive will drive business profit. Our ODM team can help you meet your business need and achieve your product design goals.

If your are interested in one of these designs, please send us an inquiry together with the product codes indicated in the photos to get a quote.  Feel free to contact us anytime!

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This blog gives many great example of promotional products. And, all ideas can be used for any industries!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why use promotional items?

Promotional items are an opportunity to make new connections at trade shows, show appreciation to established customers, and offer a tangible way for people to remember your company.

What can you get from a custom beer opener usb?

This can be a great tool to push forward your brand in order to stimulate sales. It is also a great way to increase brand awareness.

What are some other types of beer related gifts?

Branded bar mats, wine openers, beer bucket, beer coaster etc.

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