Definitely not the usual iPhone covers you see in the market, these innovative ones are bound to create hype about it. This 2-in-1 USB iphone cover would no doubt entice iPhone owners who are tech savvy!

Promotional Gift Idea – iPhone Cover With USB

ODM absolutely loves this promotional item because it is:

  1. Versatile – Almost every age group is carrying or using an iPhone. Hence, there is a huge market to offer this gift to. Moreover, who doesn’t like useful gifts?
  2. Convenient – Never forget to bring your important documents with this iPhone Cover now!
  3. Can be Branded – These iPhone Covers can be customized and branded to boost brand awareness and enhance brand recollection!
  4. Incentive Product – Did we mentioned that most IT-related gadgets and accessories have higher perceived value? That alone serve as a bonus to entice target audience!

Don’t you think these vibrant colours are eye-catching as well?

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