Vitasoy just offered a retro promo through Groupon Hong Kong, an iPhone case based on their old styles of packaging. It might seem wierd to mention retro & iPhone case on same sentence, but it seems to work… This promotion is a bargain with buyers getting 4 iPhone cases & free vouchers for Vitasoy drinks, all for under US$30.

The iPhone case will be immediately recognized by people familiar with the drink brand since each different case is designed exactly like the old style packaging of the drink carton!

This is a great way to advertise because it offers free exposure for drinks companies like Vitasoy. People talk on their phones during the day while walking along busy streets or expose their phones on restaurant tables, thus offering great visibility to the Vitasoy brand. Clients who are very enthusiastic about the Vitasoy beverage will be overjoyed when hearing about the promotion offering four iPhone cases for the price of one and complimentary coupons for drinks!

Make your clients happy by offering branded iPhone cases and cash coupons for your next promotional campaigns. This is a great way of keeping customers loyal to your brand and a great medium of advertising. Iphone cases are very easy to customize in terms of design and material.

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