Spotted in Singapore, popular ice cream chain Ben & Jerry’s is setting itself apart from its competitors by giving away free promotional products in the form of a nice Ben & Jerry’s branded iPhone case, creating much buzz. Customers have to trade in four pints of ice cream and they are able to pick up one of 5,000 free iPhone covers.

The result? A roaring success with many customers in Singapore making a mad dash to grab their favourite pints of ice cream with the added bonus.  This Promo Mechanism is quite popular and the limited series creates exclusivity increasing perceived value.

Since the release of iPhones, the market demand in Asia is growing exponentially. With this kind of rise in numbers, it is a witty choice of promotional product which will not only attract customers thus generating sales,  but also raise brand awareness and visibility with the brand name and logo splashed across the cover.

Recipients are generally a walking advertisement for your brand! Add an artistic touch (depending on your target market) to the design – Ben & Jerry’s beautifully executed theirs.   You are on your way to getting the attention of anyone seeing this iPhone being used.

iPhone covers are so versatile because almost every age group is carrrying or using an iPhone and it is perceived as one of the higher end phones – therefore a more affluent user to attract to your shops….

It will not only convey a message to the target audience that the brand is keeping up with market trends but also adding on to the perceived value of being able to give away something the consumers might actually want to use.

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