At ODM we are always on the lookout for new used for promotional products. Here, one of our staff  members sighted a hair drying cap being offered by Guangzhou DC color cosmetics with every purchase of their frozen sea mud hair film at Walmart.

This particular promotion shows the power of synergy that promo gifts can hope to offer complimenting the products that they are bundled with.

In this case, the hair mask offers great utility to the average consumer as it allows for consumers to dry off or protect their hair whilst using washing off the mask.  Alternatively, it can also be used in synergy with other cosmetic products which the company may offer which may also spur sales of other product lines.

In terms of the design of gift offered, the gift may also be imprinted with the logo of the company, giving the benefit of advertising every time the customer uses the dry hair cap. Ultimately this example serves to show there are many benefits to be gained from offering gifts with a good synergy with a company’s offerings.