Sunsilk hair products are offering a free hair straightener as a mail in redemption prize. Just buy 2 products from the Co-Creations line in participating Woolworths or Safeway stores across Australia and apply for price ASAP.

Mechanism – Mail in Gift Win this gift with purchase by being one of the first 2,500 people to mail in proof of purchase from Sunsilk branded hair straighteners.  Customers that are interested in winning the promotional hair straightener need to return a form with a photocopy of their receipt in order to be eligible.

Promotional Gift - Branded SUNSILK Hair Straightener

The promotion was being offered for a limited time only from late in the month of May to mid June.   That said, since the mechanism is first come first served, those seeing the campaign later in the month have little chance of winning a prize – almost a disincentive to buy.   Another problem with this promo is that people in more distant Geographic zones in the country have less of a chance of winning than those based near the Redemption Center since the post might take an extra day.

Nevertheless, for early birds the product being given away is the perfect promotional item for shampoo and other cosmetics. Many consumers will go out of their way to fill out the form fast in order to have the chance to receive the free gift, and this promo will influence decisions to buy this brand’s products to receive a free gift early in the promotion.

Hair straighteners are relatively expensive products which makes the promotion  highly valuable to consumers.   This gift will be used repeatedly by the customer that wins, making it a product with a long product lifespan, giving lots of brand exposure to Sunsilk. Giveaways of such useful products could efficiently make consumers permanently switch shampoo and cosmetic brands.

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