Blue girl promo products

Neway, a Malaysian based karaoke lounge is hosting this Co-promotion in conjunction with Blue girl beer in Hong Kong.

There is a lucky draw mechanism for this promotion  – simply order a blue girl beer while at any Neway branch and get the chance to win many attractive prices including custom bags, watches, caps, folding bicycles and iPhone cases.

An important aspect of lucky draws is that items offered need to have high perceived value in order to attract customers to participate. This is something that this promotion does well in terms of the prizes listed.

Karaoke lounges are a popular source of entertainment where friends and family can gather and engage in singing while drinks and food are often served in these lounges. Beer is often ordered as refreshment and all the major beer brands are competing for business and advertising space.

This promotion between the 2 brands is able to benefit from synergy, increasing their promotional effectiveness. This provides both companies with improved visibility and marketing.

promotional products campaign poster

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