The famous beer brand Blue Girl is currently running a very cool promotional gift campaign throughout the bars and restaurants in Asia. The beer company is actually offering its client this 4cm amazing die.

Blue Girl Beer Promotion – Dice Game Lighter

We have to admit that, when we saw the product for the first time, we were all wondering what it could be. The most noticeable part is this metallic press button on the top which actually activates the flame of the lighter.

Blue Girl Die – Lighter

The lighter is not the most impressive part of this Blue Girl promotional gift. Do you see this rounded mirror on the top? Now, look at what happens if you press the red button on the side.

Beer Promo Dice – Light Off

Beer Promo Dice – Light On








A promotional item with a large branding surface, a dice game (made to avoid losing the dice) and a lighter: all-in-one! It is a great idea, and if I could add my personal touch, I would say that integrating a bottle opener (which is quite easy to do) would have been the perfect promotional tool for beer drinkers!

We really love this promotional gift, just as we love their Blue Girl Halloween Lamp! What do you think of it?