If you’re looking to make regular parties more exciting then check out this branded dice rolling game by Marie Brizard. This is a creative take on fun drinking games and a branded dice rolling game certainly is eyecatching.  Using elements that made board games popular, the French company was able to add a surprising twist in trying out their alcoholic beverages.

What really makes this stand out is the custom wooden tray with branded base.   ODM love making POS displays for presenting drinks and we can see this ressembling drink trays, so the brand potentially uses this tray for other marketing too.

With the dice rolling game, players get to randomly taste different cocktail flavors by throwing two dice on the board. With each number on the dice representing a different flavor, each player needs to drink 2 flavors on each turn. This game is certainly ideal even for taste-testing and introducing new flavors to the market.

Drinks Promo Idea - Branded Dice Rolling Game by Marie Brizard

Drinks Promo Idea – Branded Dice Rolling Game by Marie Brizard

Having a recreational activity paired with such an occasion is a brilliant way to get the crowd together. In fact, the dice rolling game can help bring life to many a party. It’s fun, entertaining and it’s perfect for playing with a lot of people. These qualities are what made the dice rolling game an attraction when it was shown off by the French alcoholic beverage company during the Imbibe Live 2017.

Why do we love the branded dice rolling game by Marie Brizard?

The branded dice rolling game has a lot of things to offer for companies in the alcohol business. It’s a clever way to let consumers have their first try of new cocktails. Or you can let them remember the taste of your favorite selection of wines and other fine beverages. Above all, the dice rolling game can improve your brand’s outlook to appeal to the masses. For this reason, having a simple yet effective idea with your promotion will help drive your brands to its potential. Here is how this type of drinks promotions will help you in your business:

  • Attract customers. With a creative board game that’s easy to play with, people are sure to be intrigued and hooked by the game and also by your brand.
  • Unique but effective. As a board game, it provides consumers a way to try out different drinks, at the same time while keeping it amusing.
  • Finer brand remembrance. This lets customers remember your product not just as a something tasty, but as a fun and enjoying.

Truly, the dice rolling game is a must-have for any exciting occasions. With the demand for alcohol continuously booming, more and more companies are introducing new options to this active and hungry market. To stand out from the crowd, be sure to have a simple and creative solution to wow your customer. If you  want to amaze them with the dice rolling game, let us know and we’ll help in keeping your promotion positive and upbear!

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